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As known as Debora Fenty, 20 years old, blessed, and kinda cool as ice cream , sweet as true love. - and now, i'm majoring french literature :D

Passion for fashion, writing, reading books and fashion magazines and photography started on May 2012

Based on the love of thrift-hunting, i post my personal style /what i wear ( simple-trendy-chic -red lippy) , Music videos, Movie reviews, books i read,What i learned, People i adore , Things i love and Some daily stuffs.

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9Things. Fashion Hot list.

.fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.

nowadays there are tons of apps that provide you to access anything that you love/care about. Mine, is fashion. since i was little, mom taught me to dressed up well and appropriate of course,  and i get older, have my own way, my own figure / role model / fashion interest , instagram become one of my fashion source to follow what is up on fashion world.

there are always plenty of dressed, bags, shoes, girly things that we really want to buy right? - on the other hand besides just scrolling ups and downs on the instagram feeds, i start to screen captured pics that i think it’s pretty or / relevant with what i really want/ needs right now or , can i just say, - my fashion HOT list. weekly i will share those thing with ya!  :D

and here are some pics that amused me on instagram. is there any items that you really  want to buy too?

ps :  i still feel bad about leonardo dicaprio when he get snubbed and he lost his fifth oscar, ah well, he’s still the best tho, he he. poor him.


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