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As known as Debora Fenty, 20 years old, blessed, and kinda cool as ice cream , sweet as true love. - i also speak french :P

Passion for fashion, writing and photography started on May 2012

Based on the love of thrift-hunting, i post my personal style /what i wear ( simple-trendy-chic -red lippy) , Music videos, Movie reviews ,What i learned, People i adore , Things i love and Some daily stuffs.

• A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms ~ Zen Shin Talks •

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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day :)

Martin Luther King,Jr.Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January every year and here are some of the greatest quotes of him that i really love and absolutely inspiring all of us right?

Dedicated #MLK


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